Rough N’ Tumble Productions was born out of a garage in Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2013. Combining the preciseness & patience of old school stop-motion animation along with edgy, “off the cuff” DIY concepts, Rough N’ Tumble creates recognizable and one of a kind animation projects. We pride ourselves on not taking the short cuts that many others choose in this time of quick & easily-accessible technology & software. Creating original, & inventive analog effects that are “really there” captured on camera is what we strive for & sets us apart from cookie cutter flash animation & over use of green screen. Taking a fresh & almost child-like approach to production injects a charm that only Rough N' Tumble can deliver. 


Justin Burgos, head animator, fabricator, director, and editor, has been creating graphics, characters, music & animated shorts since the age of 13. His passion for perfection, design, music, and video editing, as well as his ability to tell a vivid story, makes him able and excited to tackle any project. Rough N’ Tumble Productions can create the wild, the silly, the amazing, as well as the stylized & avant garde. We pour pure positive energy into every project & have been known to work relentlessly around the clock to meet & exceed our client’s expectations. Every Project is a “passion project” for us. 


Rough N’ Tumble Productions provides stop-motion animation, video editing, sound design, voice-over work, and other visual effects. 

 2019 Rough N' Tumble Productions 

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